SindhLink, formally World Sindhi Congress (WSC), An Advocacy group for the Equal Right/Human Rights for the Sindhis in Pakistan is now an information and travel resource for the province of Sindh Pakistan. also has many references to G. M. Syed, Syed's Biography And His Literary Work.

Sindh is located in western part of South Asia is the third largest province of Pakistan. With many cities and villages Sindh has many tourist sites and historical places to visit. Sindh province is the only province of Pakistan where Sindhi is the official language, very few Sindhi people speak english. The Sindhi people are very hospitable and are always ready to warmly welcome foreigners.

News about Sindh and the city of Karachi can be found here.
faiz mahal

Places of interest in Sindh Pakistan:

Keenjhar Lake is a man made lake that stretches 30km, boating and fishing are popular. Sehwan is an old pre Islamic town situated on the bank of the Indus river. Sehwan contains a fort named Kafir-Qila which is thought to have been constructed by Alexander the Great. Sehwan is also the famous resting place of Shaikh Usman Marvandvi. Faiz Mahal built in 1798 as the palace of the Talpur family, it is located in the Khairpur District. Kot Deji is an important archaeological site not only in pakistan but the world. Dating back to 3000 BC the site has unearthed a city and citadel. Matiari town of old beautiful mosques and home to one of the centers of Ajrak. Ajrak is an ancient art form which is an essential part of apparel of a Sindhi person. The Tomb of Mir Shahdad Talpur one of the finest military commanders of Sindh.

It is recommended when traveling to Sindh to do so a few months after August to avoid flash flooding.
The inhabitants of Sindh are generally friendly however it is always important to be cautious of street crime in the cities.

The six major cities of Sindh are Karachi (The provincial capital of Sindh is Karachi), Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpurkhas, Larkana and Thatta.

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